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Thomas Hertlein is an internationally acclaimed mentor, mediator and life coach, specialised in brain-body connections that affect the roles we play-out in business, sports and everyday life.

Thomas works internationally with business leaders, public figures, organisations, athletes, artists and performers in entertainment.

Through Thomas you discover the connections between the body, mind and behaviour to understand the action-reaction patterns in business, sports, health and relationships.



Using a revolutionary technique of Human Decoding®, Thomas is able to read the body and mind to identify the behaviours and patterns in one's life.  The end game is to enlighten, educate and inspire for change and self-growth.


This VIP life-change is a program where Thomas works with you intensively for several months. You will pick the topics you wish to work on (money, body, career, relationship etc.) and together you will decode how your life is constructed and work on understanding how you can use what you have to create a transformation.

  • Adventure

  • Surprise

  • Finding new ways

  • Discover yourself


A lot is expected from you, so you can expect a lot from your mentoring. In this program Thomas accompanies you to regenerate your emotional, mental and physical power by connecting your life and body to your performance.This program is especially designed for athletes, performers and businessmen who are under extraordinary challenges

  • Maximum performance

  • Maximum recovery

  • Fulfillment

  • Satisfaction


This VIP travel package includes an experience coaching at your chosen destination. Thomas often works through roles, so you can travel to Venice to discover the aristocrat in you, to Rome to live your gladiator, to Vegas to experience your senses or Bali to live your spiritual side. All the while being accompanied and trained by the master himself to connect with who you are and what your dreams and visions are

  • Fulfil your goals

  • Face your fears

  • Nourish yourself

  • Find excitement

Work on your life goals directly with Thomas Hertlein through one on one sessions - available upon request.


success after success

"We all need to change, to evolve and succeed at the highest level.

Who can help you do that?
Thomas is unique, different and better.
If you want results/performance, he is the one."

- Pierre Page
Global Sports Director, Red Bull

"It appears simple and sometimes obvious,

but my goodness his style is amazingly profound."

- Kate Freebairn
Creative Director, Lab126, an Company

"The great thing about Thomas is that he does not push me
to just become a better hockey player, 
but that he inspires me to become a better hockey player
who enjoys and appreciates what he is doing."

- Florian Kettemer
Pro Ice Hockey Player, Germany

"Watching Thomas lead a group of people is like watching

Michael Jordon play basketball.  It is impressive and inspiring

in a way that can't be communicated in words."

- Christopher Van Riet
Education Chairman, YPO Russia

"Thomas is a son of a gun whose brain never sleeps,

like the city of New York."

- General Abu Ali Al-Ejlouni, Advisory Team to King Hussein of Jordon

"The speed and depth of his immersion into the essence

of another human are unprecedented"

- Peter Kiryukhantsev
Managing Partner & Founder of Zest Leadership


Thomas hertlein



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